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Why pick a website designer instead of a company like Wix or 1&1, A website developer will look for the best provider and will very rarely uses the likes of Wix or 1&1 as there websites share the resources with the provider so it becomes harder if you want to transfer out the site as 9/10 the site would have been developed using there tools and templates which in turn share the data with there servers which can be a nightmare.  So if you try to pick another provider the email, any forms and specific features are only used by the current provider and you may not get the same kind of functionality on another server or could cost you more in the long run.  A website developer can design your website the way you like it, not from a template which you have limited control over however there is a draw back as website developers use there own website design programs instead of online control panels and editors so that is a disadvantage but the sites can be edited using the same software on other computers but this is not an issue as mostly the people who hire free lance developers tend to used by the customers over and over because the they know the website and more than that the designer understand what his/her customers needs are.

Choosing your own domain names and hosting such as 123-reg, Freeola, HostGator is a better idea as you can transfer out websites without any hassle compared to the WIX and 1&1 as examples because when you design the website with them or on Website Builders / Editors they will use all the relevant data from the provider and proper hosting providers give you full control of your web space which you can just simply download it to your PC and upload it to another hosting site with very little issues.  I am not having ago at certain website companies like 1&1 or WIX but if you wish to have a proper website I would certain not recommend them as you don’t have the same kind of control of the site compared to doing it from scratch. What makes me different from them.

There is a lot more you can do with a web developer compared to just text and graphics like customizing website pages with animations, video content, java scripting for certain things what are simply not provided so you could want to have a game designed, clock, custom colour editors, image manipulations,   booking systems with specialist criteria's and linked sources to databases ect which you don’t generally get with the web site design managers as there limited and sometimes using those types of applications which process your websites through a browser can be dangerous as vulnerabilities could ruin your design as your computer could get a virus and could damaging your website design packages via hijacking applications

I am not saying it will happen but I will always take this into consideration and I have in the past come across customers who have had there so called websites hacked and it turned out to be someone recording there details on a keylogger and was able to hold there website to ransom of placed damaging contain on the website which in turn infested many computers from the unknowing quick change of data from an unknowing victim trying to do business with the out side world.

So the big question why me?? Or why a bespoke developer?

What makes me different?

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