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What is Genesys?  The most common problem with computers now is Windows getting slow no matter how fast this is because of the way Windows uses files, what Genesys does it do?  Genesys cleans up all those unwanted files not needed anymore which cause Windows to slow down and/or makes your PC crash.  Genesys could increase your performance by up to 60%.

Genesys File Cleaner

For windows 32/64 bit

Nick Yates Software is a software developer originally from the UK (United Kingdom) but Now lives and trades from the Philippines, he still trades with UK pounds but now also with PHP (Philippine pecos) if you have any questions or requested please contact me on my email --- @: or looks for me on Facebook : nick yates software or twitter : nickatessoft, you can also find me on Linkdin and on Google+ plus ---, MSN and finally SKYPE : ng1971 ...



Professional Teachers providing first class teaching skills to non-speaking English who wish to learn.

For people who wants English as there second language

Students taught from

Wide range of courses to help students learn the basics of the language.

More look here

Computer repairs and how to upgrade.

How to repairs courses covered

Upgrade/Building PC courses

All you could ever need to build, repair and upgrade your computer and how not to get scammed by the fake sellers and engineers who just want your money.  Also includes the best way to trouble shoot hardware issues and software to recognise the problems.

How to use computers more safely

Courses include

Cross platform systems

Small classes

Learn how to design websites

Basic website design


Software and getting the most from it

Understanding your limits

Installations of applications and trouble shooting when it does not run correctly or at all.

Fil in the fORM