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What is Genesys?  The most common problem with computers now is Windows getting slow no matter how fast this is because of the way Windows uses files, what Genesys does it do?  Genesys cleans up all those unwanted files not needed anymore which cause Windows to slow down and/or makes your PC crash.  Genesys could increase your performance by up to 60%.

Genesys File Cleaner

For windows 32/64 bit

Nick Yates Software is a software developer originally from the UK (United Kingdom) but Now lives and trades from the Philippines, he still trades with UK pounds but now also with PHP (Philippine pecos) if you have any questions or requested please contact me on my email --- @: or looks for me on Facebook : nick yates software or twitter : nickatessoft, you can also find me on Linkdin and on Google+ plus ---, MSN and finally SKYPE : ng1971 ...



Scammer's are looking for new ways to scam you out of your money, the Internet is a very powerful tool and is also a breeding ground for chance takers to scam you.  The computer industry is one of the most common days for them to cheat you.  Here is a small explanation to spot the scammers..

The picture left is an example of what may pop up on your computers screen, this mainly a misleading advert enticing you to call a toll free number where a tech guy/women with  9/10 has an Indian accent these people will ask you mainly to install something that will let them gain access to your computer and will show you fake information about your computer being hacked or open to attacks and offer you a  price however they will also attempt a syskey, syskey is a method used to lock out your computer so that you cannot get back in to it unless you use a password - at this stage you would certainly know that you been hacked and now a scammer is asking for a large amount of money to remove the password.

The scammer’s need to scare you first by making you think your computer is infected.

How to spot a scammer and tips.

Things to remember

If you get a call out of the blue by Microsoft or another company claiming that you been hacked ect 9/10 its a fake one simply put phone down.

Companies such as Banks, IRS, Government, Microsoft, APPLE ect will never call you this way nor ask for money up front so bare in mind, always report or enquire if someone has been calling you.  

They never ask for

top up/load up/apple cards ect


Once you see the images right mainly the box asking for a password you have been locked out of your computer, you can take your PC to a shop and the syskey can  be removed easily don't be conned by shops either if they say it needs to be wiped this is simply false, there is step by step ways to remove the lock online if you understand Windows and have a boot disk or boot PE disk.

The first stage is to access the “SYSKEY” tool

Three stages to lock your PC, this is what they do!

The pictures above shows the steps the scammers take to sys key your computer, once done it can be hard for an unknowing user to get back in to there Windows computer.  Which the scammer is hoping so that they can extort the money and even when they do this they will just take the money and keep the computer locked out.  So be aware.

Why have I put this scammer section on the products page?

I am introducing my new application “KILL SWITCH” a powerful application designed to force the closing of those adverts which 9/10 are hard to remove once the site is loaded into your browser, my program allows you to quickly block the website and also the application will be able to recognise the site again and automatically without your need to worry will remove the bad sites again therefore making it more simple to secure your computer away from the scammers websites in the future.

I welcome Windows to Kill Switch a powerful but simple utility which will lock out and protect you from those nasty popup applications and fake scam websites that reek havoc and cause people to  be scammed out of hundreds of thousands of pounds each year.  What it simply does is sits on your taskbar and waits for one of those pests to visit your computer and my program will look for a digital signature of the website that is relative to fake ones and remove it for you without you realising … so the so called Microsoft Tech Support scam like many others will become a piece of the past, and as new ones emerge we will add them to the database locking out more.


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