Welcome to Nick Yates Software - as you can see its not Nick Yates its Genesys's website portal - What is Genesys?? a Windows cleaning tool, if your computer starts getting slow and you simply don't want to be interested in maintaining it your self this application does it for you... I know a lot of people are not interested in maintaining there computers they just want to switch it on and use it the way they prefer well this application can be set up for both simple and advanced use if you want a bit more control - "SIMPLE" will just carryout a basic clean all your junk data files you don't need, internet cache (what you have looked at) and even recorded cookies will be gone so no once has recorded your data, "ADVANCED" allows you to do a lot more and have more control on the Interface by customizing colours, layout what to clean and when because there is a lot of functions and features on the application for you to explore - The application is an on going project and will become friendly to the user - but I need support for this I am a single developer and need support for my work, I have not developed Websites for a good six months and have been developing this project a lot longer putting my heart in to this project and others and need your help by just donating, once I start getting payments ill put up a thank you page to those donated ...     any donations will be sent via PayPal to nick@nick-yates.co.uk - - If you have any ideas or even product ideas you can send me a message .... thank you
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How to use

Genesys File Cleaner - Introduction Versions Vary

Genesys File Clean known as (GFC) - In time your computer becomes very slow, sluggish this is because unwanted files which windows use get created and never deleted like rubbish in your bin it become over loaded and takes a while to clean up well this is similar on a computer and you could do it manually but people today don’t want to do that they just want to have the computer running like new from the moment they turn it on.  Well Genesys could help sort that out unlike most programs out there this only needs to run once per day, a week or even a month depending on the time you use the computer, all it does is loads up once does the clean and then exits what more can you ask for you dont want to have irritating popup's ect unless you like that in which Genesys is completely customisable so you can choose the way you want to control and carryout the start up process cleaning and this useful if the computer is used by the public people tend to login unknowing that when they leave the computer people can just come on to the same computer and simply access your Facebook or twitter feed even if you logged out because the browsers sometimes store passwords and logins others can read your stuff however logging off the computer and logging in will invoke this application again your data will be wiped from that computer and not effect your online data.


Download the latest version

Genesys File Cleaner version 3

Startup ScreenSimple CleanClean UpJobsSetupScriptConfig



Basic installation requirements

Windows PC / Laptop with around 1 GB memory

32 or 64 Bit OS Windows XP, 7, 8, 10

Internet Connection


Some anti virus vendors may see the application as a virus, please note that it is not one and its a standard practice for a new products to have this issue, the application may give a false flag and  the security may quarantine the application however if you add it to the exceptions of your security program that should sort it out, this is the only reason why the applications I am developing are having problems at the moment because there is not enough copies of the application on computers for the vendors to flag it as safe.

Do downloading and installing the application will help us make the software install without any issues.

Additional Notice:

My applications are now digitally signed this means that the software should not be affected by security applications such as Defender, AVG, Comodo ect however some applications cannot be guaranteed as the application has not been verified by all anti-virus vendors but before I upload the applications I check them all the they pass with no virus issues. If the application does get blocked please add the program to the exceptions in your anti-virus refer to your manual for the application … what is Digitally Signed