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What is Genesys?  The most common problem with computers now is Windows getting slow no matter how fast this is because of the way Windows uses files, what Genesys does it do?  Genesys cleans up all those unwanted files not needed anymore which cause Windows to slow down and/or makes your PC crash.  Genesys could increase your performance by up to 60%.

Genesys File Cleaner

For windows 32/64 bit

Nick Yates Software is a software developer originally from the UK (United Kingdom) but Now lives and trades from the Philippines, he still trades with UK pounds but now also with PHP (Philippine pecos) if you have any questions or requested please contact me on my email --- @: or looks for me on Facebook : nick yates software or twitter : nickatessoft, you can also find me on Linkdin and on Google+ plus ---, MSN and finally SKYPE : ng1971 ...

Website Design

As part of my services I provide professional looking websites for anyone who requires one, it can be for any organisation large or small or private enterprise. See more


Learn how to use computers, build and use windows.  Also if your non-English speaking and wish to learn to speak English contact us


Since 1987 I have been developing in a large array of platforms not just PC so if you have an idea maybe we can do business!!


Who am I? And what is my back ground.

I was introduced to computers at a young age mainly learning program simple 8 bit computers at the time, mainly around 1983 I was introduced to my first ever computer a Sinclair ZX81 with 1K Ram this machine started me on the path to learning to program its 1K was obviously very limited and there was not a lot could with 1024 bytes of ram but it was the start to my obsession in learning to program these small devices which was a pain as if the power cable came out or the it froze I had to start all over again I remember writing down my code on paper line by line as I went along so that if it crashed I had to write it all over again but it was amazing to see my programs come to life and do things on the screen which impressed people even though a lot just thought that the computer done it its self but obviously not many years passed and I reached the age of 17 in 1987 and I started college in Manchester for a group called YMCA TFL which was a youth training scheme run by the YMCA and my interest in computer got me plenty of time with there computers inside the computer suite and I started programming BBC B and Master along side a database and a few games I developed for the Amstrad PCW 8256 computers back then which got me interested in the world of CP/M and clean computers (Basic not in ROM) machines, I learnt quickly that I could develop quite impressive coding which was not thought possible on such a limited machine but never the less I managed it – Read more click

Genesys File Cleaner

Windows Based cleanup tool for maintaining your PCs performance on a daily basis.

Downloads Archive

A useful collection of small programs I designed over the years

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Colourful, professional looking websites for any organisation.

Professional services provided globally

Nick Yates

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