At startup


On demand

Genesys can add a small icon to your tool bar so you can clean up as when you need it however most people just prefer to choose to the run the program when they need it.

When shutting down

Choosing this will clean up your computer instantly and after completion will exit the program allowing you to begin your day.  (Once a day feature) Genesys can be setup so that it only does the clean once per days.

You can choose even at the end of the day to let Genesys do its thing then it will shutdown your computer for you, so all you need to do is power up in the morning and its all clean and ready to use.

Download GFC Genesys File Cleaner and try it for 30 days FREE.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 32 or 64 bit PC with Internet access.





May improve boot up and shutdown speeds

Reduces the chances of getting a virus

Genesys delivers a powerful and simple way to maintain your computer, the performance could increase with results up to 80% faster including boot time and shutdown times being reduced with nearly instant effects.

However this is only with certain hardware guide lines i.e. large memory, large drive sizes ect.  Processors.

Designed to run from older platforms like XP

Explanation on how to use the application in the best way I can. How to download it, install it, set it up and eventually run it and how to use the extra features to get the most out of the product.


Buy a copy of Genesys Today on CD or digital download with unlimited support.

Digital Download £10.00

CD + P&P £25.00


Will clean a PC once a day

Fully automated

Keeps Internet browsing safe


You or someone you may know has been a victim of the so called Microsoft scam or a similar type scam, where they either contact you or you have ended up on a website notifying you that you have been a victim of a hack or a virus has infested your computer which is completely fake most of the anti-virus tools we use today will block a majority of sites however they wont block websites that cheat you into thinking its a virus as the criminals doing the intrusion are know mostly how to get around it on a regular basis making it harder to catch them, in the past I have had them try to fool me but as I am an engineer with over 30 years experience in industry well they did not get a chance and were quite rude once they realize I’m a professional however they tried to scam me with no luck.. But there are many that they have scammed but a lot are now knowing its a con but if they have access to the computer using team viewer, log me in, ect the scammers last line of revenge is to use the “syskey” command which simply locks the PC with a pass code they created and generally holds the computer to ransom and this can be a nightmare when you want to login again to get your important files and the ironic thing is the scammer sniggers when they type the command in which they know there gonna make someone's life a nightmare or misery .. disgusting



What is SYSKEY?

Syskey is a command included in Windows by Microsoft which encrypts your computers files so that you cannot access your files without a password, you generally get the dialog box (left bottom), and this is notoriously used by scammers who have access to your computer using, teamviewer ect and hold the PC to ransom by setting a password and await your money or just to lock your out if they been found out, before they unlock it if they ever do as they tend to just take the money and run!! Leaving you having to take it to a shop or to get the disks out once more and reinstall windows but this is not good to people who are not understanding about computers they just want to use the computer when they need it.. As in this day and age people are so reliant on technology and there lost without the services they need what a computer can provide.

Scammers and there tactics

For many years scammers have always found ways to obtain your hard earned cash by deception and in many cases have made it very lucrative on the poor victims when there non the wiser and to see there faces when people like me tell them that they been scammed and its a well known trick.   Some people were disgusted and upset by these scammers who should be locked up for there actions who say well we have to survive and don’t care that sometimes the people they scam have no money what so ever its pretty bad when companies like TV Licensing do it to people but when it comes to scammers who can have the choice but just don’t care for fellow humans and yet we are all the same …

What to look for..

Well 9/10 the call centre is in mainly India , they try to pretend they have English/American names you can relate too sometimes they will use there own name but rarely they will show you bogus information and explain fictional issues via basic day to day information generated by Microsoft’s log files and management services shows errors which is very much normal as Windows tends to be used by many different organisations and for many things so some features needed for there technology is turned off unless needed and this is generally setup on the services managers.  These scammers will tend to use this to make you feel like there is something seriously wrong as they count on you not understanding what is wrong if anything was wrong with your computer they just prey on the users that are simply novices in computing.

Scammers use this box to create the password below by pressing Update and entering a password you cannot see then clicking OK and once booted well your more or less screwed trying to get your files back unless you know the password.

From this point is generally difficult to restore what has happened unless you know what your doing with the OS and can be potentially be damaging to users unless you know how to get around it.

There will be an application I am developing which will allow you to remove this problem and return you back to access of the Windows Environment without causing damage to serious data and this does not use recovery so the program will just remove the “syskey” process encryption without data loss.  Read me


If you see them do this instantly switch OFF the computer straight away before they lock your PC, because at this point and you see the next screen they will set a password you don’t know and once that’s set and you don’t know it your screwed they will hold your computer to ransom, no support companies will do this unless they have intent on causing you harm to your access and/or bank account.

This is a similar way they will try to sell the problem by opening a standard command line prompt which takes you in to a DOS command prompt (C:\Windows\_) example and type something like “DIR/S” which is just a simple verbose of all folders and files which just lists the files not scans.

And you can see on last line C:\>your com… this has been typed by the scammer to sell you the scam stating you have a zeus virus which is obviously false as he typed it him self. So if you get this type of message, pull the plug and hire a proper specialist or take it to a certified engineer in a shop always get a second opinion.

C:\> <<-- is your drive letter for mainly windows !!This is not a scan just lists directories contained in folders on your computer.

Please note, LogMeIN, Team viewer and most of the other related online remote access programs are legitimate however the scammer uses these as they are easy to install and use and the target victim will follow the instructions unknowing there gonna give access to someone who does not care what they damage, there sites are legitimate i.e. none of the security companies will block them so they will just have to convince you that there genuine and that you can trust the scammer.  The big issue is that once there in they have full access and they will attempt to lock your computer so the only way you get access is to pay them .. Once you have paid them well 9/10 the number is removed or the key is not given so in the end you lost your data, they wiped it and if your a legitimate engineer were the ones who have to repair it.  

I have decided to have a voting system, this means if I get enough visitor interested in me developing this tool I will do and if so should it be free or charge for?

May increase perfornamce surfing the Internet.


Look at these videos who will show you what the scammers do and what we can do stop them.

Ex-Microsoft Engineer confronts a fake Microsoft Engineer, well watch the video and see for your self what happens.  However please note the fake ones can cause a serious amount of damage so unless you know about computer software don’t play with scammers.

Other videos related

This is the full scam if they catch you watch the video to show what they actually do

A good example of scammers and how to catch


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