Welcome to Nick Yates Software - as you can see its not Nick Yates its Genesys's website portal - What is Genesys?? a Windows cleaning tool, if your computer starts getting slow and you simply don't want to be interested in maintaining it your self this application does it for you... I know a lot of people are not interested in maintaining there computers they just want to switch it on and use it the way they prefer well this application can be set up for both simple and advanced use if you want a bit more control - "SIMPLE" will just carryout a basic clean all your junk data files you don't need, internet cache (what you have looked at) and even recorded cookies will be gone so no once has recorded your data, "ADVANCED" allows you to do a lot more and have more control on the Interface by customizing colours, layout what to clean and when because there is a lot of functions and features on the application for you to explore - The application is an on going project and will become friendly to the user - but I need support for this I am a single developer and need support for my work, I have not developed Websites for a good six months and have been developing this project a lot longer putting my heart in to this project and others and need your help by just donating, once I start getting payments ill put up a thank you page to those donated ...     any donations will be sent via PayPal to nick@nick-yates.co.uk - - If you have any ideas or even product ideas you can send me a message .... thank you
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Genesys File Cleaner is here, a complete multi cleaning application with many functions to help keep your computer running at its optimal performance.


Genesys is the only cleaning tool you will ever need for your computer, its simple its effective and does what it says.  Windows gets clogged up with all sorts of files in a day to day use and your will see your computer starting to get slower its takes longer to start up Windows, you select files and go on the web and find it takes ages to load up pages and search for something and find it just takes ages to find it because the Internet is but most of the time Windows is bloated with junk files and stuff what Windows has to look through to get to the information you need, even the fastest of computers start to slow down and computer users not knowing computers will just either bring it to a computer shop and pay someone to re-install windows which 9 of 10 they do to maximize profit - trust me I know because I was in that industry where they even charge just £30 to look at the computer before we even do anything however Genesys will deal with a lot of this and I only ask either a donation of a £10 for my hard work and to help improve the product and help research and develop new products that you could find useful in the years to come.


Along side the Genesys project is “Keep A secret” a powerful software suite with so many features in a simple to use interface which contains a notepad type application which you can encrypt your data so it cannot be read by others, a reminder system to keep track of your diary and events, A lite edition of Genesys File Cleaner with only a few features, Host file protection and a Screen Capture utility which is very useful but that is only a few of the features.  Why not have a look at the project and if you like it download it, run it and if you think its good donate for my efforts as I am adding more to it regular.

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Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10

32 or 64 Bit OS

Internet Access

Welcome to GENESYS

Running the application for the first time, you are greeted with a 30 day trial this once expires will reduce the functionality of the program, then after this the application will be disabled.  As you can see I ask a small fee if you think its worth the price, if not simply remove the program there is a removal program that removes the files in your add and remove window, however this will not remove the trial period so if you install again the trial will NOT reset.

PC DOC is a simple utility I developed over 3 years ago for my customers and used to clean up the machine up on startup to help the computer run smoother so I developed a commercial version for 32 & 64 bit Windows Platforms, its simply command line driven and all you do is follow the prompts and leave it to do a clean up on your computer.  For the price of a take away instead of spending over £40 at a PC shop which 9/10 they will just reinstall Windows to make more money… This will NOT effect the Windows OS.


Windows 10 32 Bit

Full version


Windows 10 64 Bit

Full version

Try before you buy limited version, download this version just to test the application.


The below purchase versions require a password to start file which you buy from the link below.



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The websites can look and feel as good as the big companies websites, make a good impression to your customers at a price you can afford.

Web developer since 1999 with over 200 websites developed for many customers like roofing companies, Textile printers, Roofing, Cake, Waste management and many more.  Even though I ask for donation non of the money I make is for profit its simply for personal savings.

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Antivirus companies cause a big headache to small developers.

Antivirus is essential tool that most people need to protect their Windows operating system from Viruses, Trojans, and other bad stuff.

Unfortunately, most Antivirus companies goes too far with their Virus/Trojan protection, and in many times they classify completely legit software as Virus/Trojan infection.
One good example for that is my own password recovery tools: Most people need these tools to recover their own lost password. These password tools, like many other utilities out there, can also be used by hackers for bad purposes.
The attitude of many Antivirus companies is very tough in this subject -
If it's a tool that can be used by bad guys, it's classified as Trojan or Virus, even when most users need it and use it for good purposes. Antivirus companies don't care that they block their own customers that want to recover their own passwords, and they don't care that they may cause their customer to think that I'm a Virus distributer.
I must say that some Antivirus companies are a little more gentle, and classify these tools as "Security Threat" or "Riskware" which is much better than classifying them as Virus or Trojan, but they still prevent the user from running them - by deleting them or by putting them in quarantine.
Also, many users don't know what is difference between Virus and Riskware, and when they get these "Riskware" alerts, they still think that my tools are infected with a Virus named "Riskware".



Keep a secret is a powerful application suite that allows you to have easy access to files, protect your documents, share them and secure and encrypt them and even purge them.  Keeps a diary of events that can be shared between jobs and the cloud, capture and edit screen shots and so much more.

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Genesys File Cleaning utility - For All Windows 32 and 64 platforms, cleans all your system, browsing and junk data and help the performance of your PC perform faster and more stable please note this not a virus detection ect its simply a clean up utility which was designed to perform quick clean up tasks.  

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