Welcome to Nick Yates Software - as you can see its not Nick Yates its Genesys's website portal - What is Genesys?? a Windows cleaning tool, if your computer starts getting slow and you simply don't want to be interested in maintaining it your self this application does it for you... I know a lot of people are not interested in maintaining there computers they just want to switch it on and use it the way they prefer well this application can be set up for both simple and advanced use if you want a bit more control - "SIMPLE" will just carryout a basic clean all your junk data files you don't need, internet cache (what you have looked at) and even recorded cookies will be gone so no once has recorded your data, "ADVANCED" allows you to do a lot more and have more control on the Interface by customizing colours, layout what to clean and when because there is a lot of functions and features on the application for you to explore - The application is an on going project and will become friendly to the user - but I need support for this I am a single developer and need support for my work, I have not developed Websites for a good six months and have been developing this project a lot longer putting my heart in to this project and others and need your help by just donating, once I start getting payments ill put up a thank you page to those donated ...     any donations will be sent via PayPal to nick@nick-yates.co.uk - - If you have any ideas or even product ideas you can send me a message .... thank you
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How to use
Startup ScreenSimple CleanClean UpJobsSetupScriptConfig

Genesys clears the most common junk files and folders created on your Windows operating system, these will be temporary data not important to you but Windows would use and discard afterward i.e. when you use the Internet or when you install a program or a game and its the non-important data which is of no use anymore.

What Genesys actually clears

 Downloading GENESYS on your computer from


Step 2, Scroll down the page until you see this section and click on “VISIT DOWNLOAD MIRROR

(Popup Blockers) if a page does not open you will need to allow the browser to open another new Window, CTRL and CLICKING on the link on the boxes usually allows you to open a new window.

From installation to Execution



Click on the Icon to begin the download

Click on the More info and you will see the image below



A link maybe shown to download and you will maybe requested to choose to RUN or OPEN, please do so.


You may get error messages during installation of some form or another, you simply need to click on ignore or press no, this is because the setup installer uses a setup profile for older platforms so you can install this program machines like Windows XP, however Windows XP is not supported anymore there are still areas that still use the Operating System so the error messages are because the software is developed to span across most Microsoft Operating System Platforms.  So if you get any of these messages do not panic!

Is the software trusted?

The answer now is finally yes, Digitally Signed means that the origin of the software is with the developers compiler and that the developer registers it with a timestamp as proof that the application’s came from them, if the file has been tampered with the anti-virus will place the application into the virus chest always make sure you get the setup program from the original website i.e. mainly www.nick-yates.co.uk.  When you digitally sign the application it provides a form of protection for us and therefore gives you assurance that its came directly from us and not had any 3rd party applications installed.

Usage notes

Sometimes or maybe often under this current version you may experience issues with certain websites not acting normal i.e. picture or blank website pages this is because after you have run the clean up tool Genesys purges the Internet cache and this only seems to happen on Google Chrome however after a few resets of Chrome its fine again as it will connection to certain social media websites mainly Facebook which caches your data local on your computer and the Genesys tool will perform a clean on these files but don’t panic the data on your chrome will not be effected unless you use the reset section of Genesys to totally purge (delete) and reset back to factory settings the Chrome Browser bare in mind this also clear Internet Explorer V 7 - 11,  Edge, Firefox, Safari at present depending on what is installed on your computer.   So please don’t panic just reload the browser your using a few times and your good to go!

The quick and easy way to setup the Genesys program to clean up your computer and help it perform better.

Option 1 - you can leave Genesys to automatically clean your computer by just leaving it alone.

Once the timer reaches 0 then the process begin to clean.

Minimize to tool bar is a useful function where it will place the Genesys into memory and will place an icon on your tool bar with the choice to clean then shutdown or reset ect.

Ticking the box for this will automatically place in the tool bar after so many seconds

Manual and auto update of the Genesys application - connects to server and downloads latest version in the updates section.

Provides a brief help section.

Launches the minimize to toolbar function for forced options instead of timed based clean ups.

Instant clean, processes the clean up straight away not having to wait, so clean up instantly.

Cancels the count down and allow you to press “X” to bring up the custom services and the main interface shown further down.


Days of the week will allow automatically certain days to do a certain method clean, this is for later versions of GENESYS for users who want more control.

Press this manually places a menu on the tool bar show below.

On the tool bar left right you will see this icon this is the quick launch of the Genesys tool and allows you quick choices of what to do.

Clicking on Right Mouse button on the mouse will show this pop up menu, left Click will show the main interface again.

Clean and Shutdown

Instantly will clean up the system then will start the shutdown process which will schedule a 60 second timer so you can cancel the timer if you have forgot something or to close any other bits before you shutdown.

Clean and Reset

Same as shutdown but only resets the computer

 Just Exit

Once the clean up process has finished the program  will just stay where it is and you can continue what your doing.

Menu Interface

This shows the main menu


exits the application

Back to the Clean up interface.

If you wish to instantly clean click on the YES or NO to cancel.

This is the automated version of the application, the [Shutdown computer] is what the computer will do after the clean up process has finished, the paws is a pause of the timer just in case you wish to save something, the Start Clean is the clean up process.  Verbose Process will show the job begin processed if yours interested on what its doing.  SHUTDOWN, RESET NOW and CANCEL is last minute function changes on demand.