Welcome to Nick Yates Software - as you can see its not Nick Yates its Genesys's website portal - What is Genesys?? a Windows cleaning tool, if your computer starts getting slow and you simply don't want to be interested in maintaining it your self this application does it for you... I know a lot of people are not interested in maintaining there computers they just want to switch it on and use it the way they prefer well this application can be set up for both simple and advanced use if you want a bit more control - "SIMPLE" will just carryout a basic clean all your junk data files you don't need, internet cache (what you have looked at) and even recorded cookies will be gone so no once has recorded your data, "ADVANCED" allows you to do a lot more and have more control on the Interface by customizing colours, layout what to clean and when because there is a lot of functions and features on the application for you to explore - The application is an on going project and will become friendly to the user - but I need support for this I am a single developer and need support for my work, I have not developed Websites for a good six months and have been developing this project a lot longer putting my heart in to this project and others and need your help by just donating, once I start getting payments ill put up a thank you page to those donated ...     any donations will be sent via PayPal to nick@nick-yates.co.uk - - If you have any ideas or even product ideas you can send me a message .... thank you
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How to useCLEAN UP

Genesys File Cleaner (Introductions screen)

Startup ScreenSimple CleanClean UpJobsSetupScriptConfig

This button launches the automated interface that will clean your computers data without your interaction, this will only carry out a basic clean of the machine but sufficient enough to show a better performance.  When the timer reaches 0 this option will also be automatically pressed.  Once completed the program will exit.

Returning you back to Windows.

Clicking on this box will cancel the timer and you can manually setup the cleaning program

Timer counts down per second until 0, once 0 is reached the clean up process windows will be opened and a further few seconds will be started which will then run the cleaning process then exit back to windows.

Pause timer function allows you to pause the option if you forgot something.

Toggles the this screen so you have the automated or the manual clean up interface.

Set what function you need genesys to do after its completed its the clean up process, the tick Icon will set that as the default option. Tick saves as default

After the clean up concept.

Just exit

   Ideal for users when there starting up the computer and for example colleges, it does not clear everything however it does basic clean on the system.


   Ideal if you want to run the utility at the end of the day before you switch o PC, all your do is pick this feature press the default tick and everything instead of shutting down windows the usual way you use this instead.


   Resets the computer instead ideal for a quick clean up on demand service.

Manually with the Icon and the “Next update check” caption allows you to update genesys to the new version is one is available, please note these two will only download and replace the existing EXE the genesys main file not the setup file.