Donating for my hard work, if it was not for your donations I would not be doing what I am doing, any amount is helping me spend the time developing the programs I design this also includes research, expenses and equipment needed.

All I ask is for a minimum of £10, its not a lot compared to getting a takeaway! Or paying a lot to a computer shop.



By doing this it will remove any restrictions and the advert only takes 2 seconds and can be cancelled at any time.

When you get the code and time to activate

Press the lock to enter code and enter the code I gave you

Click OK

Once code is entered a unique code is generated locking it to your computer and cannot be used on any other PC.

This will be the notification of activation.

As you can see once the code is accepted this page will be on for a few seconds, only so you have the option to donate again if you wish too.

If you just want to donate to me just simply fill in what you want in the Purpose box or leave blank