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Like many software developers I was interested in Technology from a young age, I began my interest in computers when I was aged 11, this was around 1981 when computers around a little bit but were finding there way into the homes and small businesses, my father was a lecturer in Manchester Polytechnic around that time and he said to me would I like to learn computers and he said once you get into them there is no turning back so he gave me a very simple to use computer known as a Sinclair ZX81, a Z80 based 8 bit computer popular with hobbyists at the time, it did not have all the fancy features like a LED for power or even a switch to turn it on and off!! But it gave me the taste I needed to learn how to program, ZX81 Basic was a very simple language to learn and my father guided me on the world of computers and how they worked and how hardware worked and how software manipulated it, we had a friend called Jan Podlaski (passed away around 2000) who we missed greatly who also taught me to program with in the Z80 basic assembly language and I was hooked on software design, so from 1982 to 2000 I was developing my own applications and over the years I developed these applications for small businesses

These were the early years of development before I started seriously getting into software design and Website design.

My first website was launched in 1999, which was Grindlestone Edge Kennels and Cattery a small simple website which was developed on a PC, Athlon with AOL Press then soon updated it with Microsoft Frontpage.

Now obviously its over 15 years on and I am still developing websites but I was also the “Computer Guy” who would go to peoples houses and fix the computers mainly because of the love of helping people.

How did Genesys come to be?

Around 2000 -  Windows was becoming more and more appearing in peoples houses the Internet was more or less on ADSL, websites were getting more advanced by the day and also in that way so was the way Microsoft managed its filing system, Windows 95 and 98 was still semi popular and XP was on the horizon along side 2000, Back then I was learning how Windows worked the folders the management of the registry and how windows manipulated the way it managed the filing system and I found that after a while like a lot people say the computer started to get slow so I thought for a long time what could I do to speed up the process of a PC, I used to take courses at colleges and I would up on request of the tutors test my abilities to increase the performance of the computers which I did with amazing results they were very impressed with the work I done even when computer would take literally 5, 10 even  25 minutes to startup which is just silly so I used to have a routine of the way I would clean up a computer and the colleges had me going to there other colleges nationwide to do the same to there computers networks and even servers if they were Windows Based systems, in 2005 I decided to do a lot more research in Multiple browsers and in depth research in the registry as Windows XP was transitioning to Windows Vista and along came a lot more issues regarding speed the way Windows handled files it was just getting to big so I decided to develop a simple Batch file which would sit inside a computers startup folder which simply cleared up files and it did help Windows run a bit better but I was looking for something a lot more advanced or more designed for people to use on there computer by just simply installing it and running it automatically when need to Clean MY PC was designed or I began to develop the first versions which was just simply a dialog box with a progress bar which would carry out a very simple clean of the computers junk files and Internet cache however it was very limited but did work and a lot of the people who I installed the program on there computer became reliant and would ask me to install it on all there computers so I decided its time for an upgrade so I started developing a new version what was similar to the clean my machine framework however I added a lot functions and made it more user friendly so that the user could preset different ways of cleaning, a simple way to reset multiple browsers, remove log in and other details which is ideal for colleges so that when you logged off the computer would not retain your social media, browsing details and files which made it much harder malware and hi-jack programs to install on the computer as well so in 2013 I developed the application CMM (Clean My Machine) and uploaded it to my website, people download it and installed and used it was impressed with the result however one day I was looking around the net and discovered that there is also another application utility called Clean My PC which really was a scam program hold computers to ransom, so I decided so that people would not get confused I renamed it to Genesys, not Genesis but with a sys instead and redesigned the website and for a while people did download and my site got a blacklist reference maybe because of the old name and people got confused.

So I decided to keep the name “Genesys File Cleaner” aka “GFC” which I feel is a good name for the product and I will keep updating the application as much as possible adding new features and functions to make it more advanced and reliant upon.

Why charge for it?

Well like most developers we need to make a living, I work hard its only fair that I get some money for the time I spend developing my applications which I hope people use and enjoy and fine useful.  I have always mixed my applications what I have developed with FREE versions such as what is available to download on my other websites but I feel its only fair that I get some payments for my effects, when I used to go to peoples computers they would ask me to install the application on there computer and to be honest once I installed it and run it I very rarely had any calls from them but if I did it was mainly hardware issues not software as it seemed to kill any programs that would try and install them selves unless you installed it your self and it rebooted which then the virus would be installed, my program took 99% if that when it carried out the cleaning process and the malware would get past the reset phase as my program deleted it before it had a chance to.

I generally charged £30 for the hour’s call out and additional charges of £15 after wards, so I feel £15 for the download or £25 for the CD is good value because its a very reliable application and up to now no one who has used it has said that it does not work, the only issue sometimes is anti-virus may block it so you just need to add it to exceptions and you need to run updates to Windows which are required as it needs to have the latest service packs installed but otherwise it works perfectly and people say that the it makes the computer run really quick which is excellent and they say its worth the money as it keeps the computer running fast.

Below are a few comments of people I know who used the Genesys program and there comment!!

1987, Started Programming using 8 bit platforms

2000, Begin designing Websites

1971, Born!

Head Developer

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The first website I ever designed.  Developed on AOL Press and developed in HTML direct and partials in scripting.

I like!

2017, Married her!!

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2015, Met my wife

A small lists of websites I have developed over the years:-

Some still active some dead. Due to ceased trading or supported by someone else or inhouse. Dead = not trading or not live anymore or that I don't support the site either. These websites are from 1999 to this day.   ** = The site is still there.  Unfortunately the dead ones are a lot of companies that have shut down over the years

This is only a few of the websites, there is a lot more but it I wont include them as there is so many I have done in the last 2 decades.

Nick Yates Software

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