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Nick Yates Software is a small software company operating in the Northwest of the United Kingdom with over 30 years experience in the software industry developing on many operating systems for many hardware platforms.  We are not funded by any government or private venture our earning are entirely gained from the products we develop. We also provide variety of other services which will be found it the website.  Our software is developed in house and non of the software is a reseller or contain any 3rd party applications such as tool bars, bundle wear I.e bloat ware, our site contains a few adverts but only for advertising purposes to help support the site.  All our products are tested for viruses.

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Download the only clean up utility you will ever need.  Try it for 28 days and if you like it why not buy it for just £10.00

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Designed for Windows 32 and 64 platforms.

Download Clean My Machine

Free Edition

Designed to just clean up your Internet history (contains in house adverts)

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Need a website?

Now a days everyone who has a business needs some form off visibility and a website is a cost effective way to get your business to get out there.

S.E.O (Search Engine Optimisation) - is not dead but is not as popular as Social Networking:- Google, Facebook and You Tube are the three most common websites to where people go.

People always ask me about SEO and to be honest nowadays SEO is only a small part of the mission to get you recognised never mind get you to the top of the search engines.

By getting your website out there linked to Google, Twitter, You Tube, Social Networks you will increase your chances of moving up the ranks and even if your video(s) go viral or lots of visits to your website you could also get paid as well and even could earn anything over  £100 a month by just advertising.  

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Non-Website projects such was application design for various platforms computer based to custom hardware and one chip solutions can be designed to suit the projects needs.

Using a variety of programming interfaces and interpreters there is no limit to what we can archive nowadays, you would not think it be possibly to say design your own House or Car alarm with the components and hardware we have today compared to 20 years ago.  With the power of advanced API systems you can even develop your own OS using the likes of Android API or the likes C++ ect.  Interfacing hardware to link directly to software to monitor using simple real time code is helping developers make the most of the tech we have today. Just think a house alarm controlled by a Arduino or Raspberry PI connected to a LCD with touch screen and linked to kit based hardware the only thing you need is the code to make it all work! That’s where I come in .. Developed mainly in C# (Sketch) a RISC based environment to make writing code simple and have an endless amount of possibilities at your finger tips.  All this can be developed and can be linked to PC, APPLE and Tablets even Phones…It does not have to be a house alarm but anything your mind can come up with.  More Details

Crossing the road to cross-platform machines, nowadays is a big step especially if you already have a website and have invested lots of money into it.  Most websites even now have to pass mobile responsive meaning that it has to be compatible with the likes of Android, APPLE OS and Windows Phone.  These gadgets have increased peoples abilities to buy products or visit websites without the hassle of using either a PC or a Laptop, not saying they are not loved but the simplicity of being on the move and having a mobile website is much more common now compared to having desktops in your hand!

80-90% of people now have mobile devices and use them regular wether it be to purchase goods, to search for something or talk to friends on social media the principle is the same …you simply need your website to be displayed on any device.  I have been developing websites for over 20 years and (ALL) my clients who have websites have never had a mobile version how can this be? … well the answer the website is old! And needs to be updated and now I have developed along side there existing website a mobile version, this means that the customers can get visits more often and this means more business for them.    More details

Download the 28 Day Trial and see if it makes your computer work better!

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Website Design and SEO


Not only have your website on search engines but social media increasing your circulation.


Websites designed for any area business, private, public and blogs anything.


Website Design to be shown on any mobile device increasing your customer base

Developers with over 30 years experience.

Website Design & SEO

Application Design for any device

Computer repairs services

Selling on Ebay

Manchester Flatroofs

Repairs - Rebuilds - any size - sedum

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New website look is on its way! Maybe twice a year I redesign my website and the next version is due soon! This will contain lots of areas and will include the following areas:

And many more

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For the new look with new sections there is a lot of new things available to help you!!!

In addition on 29th March if all goes to plan me and my partner are getting married so ill be trading from the Philippines for a period of 3 months, she and I have a lot to do as its a civil wedding but Ill be bring the bits I need to still trade, so if you still need a website ect I can develop them whilst there but ill possibly use the BACS or PayPal service when invoicing and billing customers.  I will be returning to UK on 25th April and my family will be occupying my property while I am away.  Thank you for reading the message.