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Have you been looking for a website for a while and the likes of WIX/GODADDY are just not what you want, we design the webites to your business needs most of them limit you or are hosting there own servers.  We give you complete freedom.

Nick’s Blog

APPs, Consumer and Prototype applications.   As a developer for over 20 years my programming back ground makes me a good choice to approch when it comes to certain projects you need outsourcing programmers for.

HELP! Software repairs online - we use Team Viewer which is known as a powerful tool to help engineers support your computer systems.  There is scammer that do use Team Viewer however we take payments through PayPal so you can trust us.

Need a website, mobile application or a desktop application or even a custom device such as an Arduino based project why not drop me a line. I have been developing software for over 20 years.

Computer donations, sometimes we get donated computers and pass them to needy families, we purge the drives many times over with Milatary standard purging software and either donate abroad or to families in the uk to those who cannot afford computers to we donate one computer per household.

Why waste them to landfils or to scrap men when they still can be donated to needing families.

Computer system repairs service, for many years we have provided a technical support services to businesses and private, we are currently working from a home based office and will consider a workshop if the business picks up on this, the standard price at present is £40 to carry out a simple diagnostic and carry out basic maintenane, we do offer other services if you wish to use us more perminantly.

Projects and Prototype

Are you looking for a particular projects designing or something made as a prototype something that could use networks, gps, rfid, security,tracking, monitoring, communications,emulations, storage or media centre.. This also include custom firmwares i.e. Tablets and Mobile devices.

Android, Rasberry PI, Windows Mobile.

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Welcome to Nick Yates Software - A software developer with over 30 years programming experience, I can develop applications for Windows PC, Android, Apple OS, Raspberry PI, Arduino.   Website Design - Teaching I.T. - System Repairs - System Security - Database - Windows 10 removal and much more...   Have any ideas, questions or pc issues why not contact me on the contact me box or drop me an email.

Is your computer running slow?

Have a look at the picture left … this is what its like on your computer right night !!!

I have been an engineer for many years as well as a programmer and I have created some amazing products and this is one what I used to use with my clients and its over 6 years old so I brought it up to date and decided to add more too it and I will add further tools in the near future.  I created a commercial version as there is such a demand for this tool, what it does is what it says on the box … which basically cleans your Windows computer.

Windows is notorious for speed issues over time this is because when the OS handles files and data it does not always remove them and you end up with junk files, unlike the recycle bin you cannot delete them type of files by simply choosing on the desktop etcetera.   After a while these junks files can get so big that your computer can suddenly become really slow, unstable and can crash and its very common for people to take there computers to a shops and pay a ridiculous amount of money for a guy to simply delete these files from your computer and some shops could charge anything from £60 per hour even for something that could take 5 minutes to do, I know because I worked in that industry and have first hand knowledge of this of this.

What this programs does and will be intended to do in the future is to give you peace of mind when you switch on the computer  and find your not waiting forever, this will also in the future could be automated if your laptop or PC has been idle for a long period of time it could do a maintenance.  

What it does

When you turn on the computer and it starts up with Windows the application then will start up and carry out a clean up of the files, once rebooted you will recognise its a little bit faster and as time goes on it can increase up to 50% faster.  Addition tools in the application is de-fragment the drive, clear other known browsers such as legacy Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Flash Player.


What it removes & offers at moment on this version

(Built in wizard)

Windows Junk Files (temporary files created and discarded when completed but not deleted)

Cookies & Internet history (Cookies record your browsing habits)

The pre-fetch system (caching of the files that startup, help load quicker but not accurate)

Multiple Browsers Safari, Firefox, Opera, Flash caching


De-fragment - Re-index and make files load quicker

Future - updates and host database security

And many more to come.



Why not try Clean My Machine for 28 days FREE

Take control of your files.. With this simple program that helps you remove all the junk files, internet history, cookies and so many more features that will amaze you

Tests carried out have nearly 43% increase in performance with this program.

Our program removes:-

All junk files, cached and cookies

Any collected information

Locks the browser & Secures it

Automates Maintenace why not

Test it for 28 days free and see

The results!

New and improved version

Is now 2.5.42 (see release notes)

Clean My Machine (28 day trial) - This is an on going project

For Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.#, Windows 10

Windows CE and Embedded Systems.

New and improved version is faster, supports many browsers and a setup wizard all this for just £10.00 read more? Click here for details to make your computer run faster

Download Trial


Help us build good products and support us so we can make our products better.  Your feed back is important, send me feed back so we can fix bugs.




I am updating check the


UPDATED ON 30/08/2016


.: Features :.

*Clear all MAJOR Browsers

*Cookie and Recycle bin purging

*Starts only once a day

*Optimised for faster executions

*Use full maintenance apps added

*Locking the Homepage and more

Please note that this tool is still being developed and with your support, you can help me make this product better.  Please download the next updates until the update section is completed and working.