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Added new sections to the website - My Old Computers section - Energy Companies ripping us off - Hitler was an artist - Smart Cars like you never seen them before - Wythenshawe's past - Download and Test "KEEP A SECRET" A fully functional but constantly being updated app for your Windows PC what allows you to store daily events an editor what saves and encrypts even purges when you don't need files in an easy to use interface which also includes Internet hosting securty and System file cleaning all in one suite ... worth over £200 in one package - I take donations, I am also on the usual Facebook, Twitter ect     Keep on updating your version of "KEEP A SECRET" it will get better I assure you but please please please support me I cannot do this with out your help.... Thank You

Welcome to my latest project to the collection.  

Project “Keep A secret”

What a name to express such a powerful tool, anyway what is

 “Keep a secret” ?

Have you been looking for something new which help organise your diary, edit documents with the ability to encrypt them even when you don’t want them they will be totally purged which means even if there are attempts to recover they will be just scrambled data making it impossible to read, a powerful website lockout feature which will protect your Internet browser with a large blacklist of websites, a maintenance application with the ability to clean up all your files, browsing history ect, A custom clock designed to show multiple times, a powerful diary system what can be used as either to store your routine or for reminder, A screen Capture utility for capturing screen(s) or sections of the screen and even timestamp them and even frame by frame capture to BMP or JPG.  Even now in the new version there is also PRS (Primary Reminder System) for setting up quick reminders what appear the your like a popup finally file purge this will have many functions to keeping your files away from prying eyes and securely deleted but please note once the file(s) are deleted with any form of purge function you will never be able to get them back.

Versions icons and tools may vary but this is a preview of the standard interface which sits right of the desktop above time and date, (right above the tool bar) or appears as an animated task bar icon but in a red shade)

Keep a secret and cloud computing: Keep a secret uses its own folders to generate its files however these can be linked to cloud based applications such as OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Mega.NZ and Dropbox which all allow you to share documents between multiple systems across networks this program was designed to work with them services to ensure you can change or access your documents quickly from any platform it is sort of cloud based but the interface is more secured from a pc and not operated from any browser as we sort of lost the concept of security when we use cloud based applications.  The Keep a Secret application is only on Windows at present however there will be hopefully be I-OS and ANDROID versions coming to a phone or a tablet near you so you can easily view your hidden stuff quickly and easily all you have to do is access it with your pass code.  No messing around you asks for it and its there!! No need to accept via key codes or emails or sms’s just simply accepts and you’re away!

Dates, Dates and Dates!! Keep a secret has a simple diary system than can store a day to day diary of your events or you can set them for certain dates... Unless Outlook there is no messing around you simply pick a day and fill it in with what you want it’s that simple... Set reminders if you want which will show up to 7 days from today any diary entries such as jobs, birthdays, events and reminders you just pick the date and fill in what you want.

Keeping your Internet browsing safe a powerful but simple feature is the host file editor, if you keep getting websites which you don’t want to see you can simply add it to the host file without going into the folders and adding it manually, I have also included a set of blacklisted website links to be added to your host file which will lockout over 15,000 websites which are known to the Internet as black listed websites this can be fake and scam sites, adult websites and websites that have known to be phishing scams I am currently going to add a further 3.5 million additional black listed burls but need to work out a way to make it scan faster but that will be in a future update.

Constantly being updated, this project is constantly being developed to make it faster, stable and easier to use not to mention addition tools will be added as the project becomes more stable.  

Do you know that all these companies are just middle men .. A mirage of choice because there all charging high prices when you can go to the source and a lot less and even free energy if your wise enough to understand how were being cheated by them.

The Banking System - Are they really telling you the truth or are they simply ripping us off every time we get a credit card, apply for a loan or mortgage apply service charges is money what we think it is or is it just a way of keeping us in debt?

Programmer for hire? Need a website or a mobile APP or even something developing for Arduino why not contact me with details


Custom development projects - have a look at my own development projects. If you like any of the projects and you want it updating why not contact me and ill consider reviving some of the projects if you find it useful.


Need something to capture your screen and place it in to a JPG or BMP this application does it all!! I also included it in the Keep a secret suite of applications and I will be looking at updating it in the near future.


Need a website?

If your interested in a website why not contact me with your idea.

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The updates log

Download The release version then run the update to get latest.

Super Markets Ripping us off by taking advantage of and knowledge and calculating skills.

Water Water every where ! But not a drop to drink!

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Different OD Bits


I have a added a page on the retro computers I owned over the years ill be adding more as I go on.

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Do you remember the golden garter and did you know that a lot of the biggest stars used to perform in that very place the likes of Tommy Cooper, Cliff Richards, The Four Tops and so many more have a look at the section ..


Do you remember the golden garter and did you know that a lot of the biggest stars used to perform in that very place the likes of Tommy Cooper, Cliff Richards, The Four Tops and so many more have a look at the section ..


It is common for you to get these messages, just simply.

Run Anyway

Some anti-virus programs will treat this application as a virus, suspicious program or malicious software which it is not this is only because the application is not certified yet by the likes of Comodo, Norton, Kaspersky but all you need to do is make the application a trusted one or add to safe files ect.

Please note there is a slight bug sometimes where am error message appears when installing if you see the message “No to all” click on it, its only if some libraries this application uses are update of date it will ask you to replace when there is no need to.